Office Computer, Software and Equipment Support

Optimize your business with expert IT support

It’s easy to optimize the performance of your network. We can help.

For more than 20 years we have provided small business computer support in the New York area–we specialize in troubleshooting your toughest computer problems. Our skilled technicians are available for on-site and remote assistance, depending on our client’s preference or size of the issue or request.

We provide fast, reliable support services:

Improve office productivity by ensuring all equipment is working optimally.

We apply our experience with troubleshooting and are intent on solving any equipment problem you may have:

  • Unresponsive MAC/PC desktops and laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Monitor problems
  • Printer/copier difficulties
  • Network issues
  • Software issues
  • Sound missing
  • Hard drive malfunctions

We want your hardware and software to work well, so your business runs as efficiently as possible. The first step to identifying a problem is determining whether it is a hardware or network issue [Linkto: Network page]. When you have network devices like printers, servers and even applications, sometimes the issues are caused by something else entirely. We can easily support your hardware issues by isolating the cause of the issue and delivering a resolution.

Some problems may be intermittent, which make them more difficult to diagnose and resolve.  Oftentimes these issues are deescalated in internal IT departments, which can be frustrating for the end user. Our skilled technicians are ready to help peel back the layers of your problem through patience, perseverance and creative engineering. At PILLAR, we focus on issues until they are resolved because we understand even the smallest glitch can disrupt your work, focus and productivity.

Support for legacy systems

If your legacy system meets your needs, we’ll support it. If not, we can provide a secure, scalable network upgrade with minimal downtime.

We have extensive experience working with a broad array of business networks. PILLAR can offer support for your legacy system for as long as it remains in service.

When the time comes to upgrade your infrastructure, we’ll be there to walk you through the updated technology options and find a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.