Small Business Email Support

Easy Google Suite and Exchange email setup or migration from one server to another

Email is the dominant form of communication for business; stay online with PILLAR

Email is the heartbeat of your business and if it comes to a grinding halt, so does your business.

PILLAR keeps your email up and running in a safe and secure environment whether you manage 500 employees or five. If you have a business email issue that’s left you scratching your head we can offer a fresh perspective and the technical expertise to resolve even the most complex issues with your Google G-Suite or Exchange (Microsoft Outlook).

Key capabilities include:

Email support for Exchange and Google G-Suite: Our certified technicians have extensive experience supporting legacy on-site as well as hosted Exchange servers. We also provide business email support, and recommend, Google’s G Suite.

Email migration: If you’re looking for a hassle-free, experienced partner to support your email migration from Microsoft Outlook to G Suite or vice versa–without losing past emails–we’re ready to transfer your business email over a weekend and have you up and running by the first business day. We don’t perform cookie-cutter services, we will assess your current environment, make appropriate recommendations based on new technologies available and deliver an improved tool that meets your requirements and benefits your users.

Email backups: Whether your business operates on a self-hosted or hosted email plan, our technicians can monitor, troubleshoot and confirm that your email backups are in place and operating. We don’t like to leave anything to chance, for our clients or ourselves. Backing up your email is like an insurance policy for your business, we want to make sure you have all the data you need secured and readily accessible.

Anti-spam/anti-virus security: Spam and virus protection keeps your business safe from malicious attacks and prevents theft of data and intellectual property. Protect your email servers and users against spam, viruses and malware with PILLAR. We are out-of-the-box thinkers and word hard to create custom support plans for each client we serve to ensure you get the most effective security solution for your business.