About Us

Leading IT Support in New York City

Whether you need help with your office network or your company website, from basic stuff to advanced programming and IP networking and security, we are the single company you need to know. PILLAR provides a holistic solution for all your technology support needs. We perform our work by the hour, by the monthly retainer and by the project. We are flexible to suit your needs.


We were founded in 1995 by Richard Lee, our Chief at Large. The tech team at PILLAR consists of numerous talented hardware and software engineers (Windows, PHP, Facebook, WordPress, Drupal, Objective C) that work under the leadership of Richard Lee and Michael Song, PILLAR’s executive and core engineering team. Business problems are solved using cost-effective technology and custom solutions.

Who we support

We provide unbeatable technical services for all industries including manufacturing, lawyers, doctors, architects, management companies, non-profits and service businesses.

We support companies with their own IT departments as well to provide heavy lifting and advanced configurations of firewalls and networking equipment designed to optimize your network (backups, compliance, storage, bandwidth).

We support online brands that are growing with fast programming support and innovative marketing solutions including SEO, Video and other technical enhancements designed to convert more site visitors.

We support agencies (design, interactive, ad) that provide creative solutions that involve technology (websites, mobile devices) and we provide advanced support of their projects, acting as if we are on their team. We can be your secret weapon too!


Our HQ is located at 1133 Broadway, in the NOMAD district of Manhattan (near Madison Park and the Shake Shack and the beautiful Flatiron Building). We’ve been there for more than 12 years.

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Phone: (212) 255-3970
Email: info@pillarsupport.com