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Are you in danger of losing critical business data if your server fails?

Secure your data with secure and reliable backups

Your server crashes–and you don’t have a data backup file. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and partner with PILLAR. We are ready to add redundancies to your system and keep your business moving forward.

Image backups: Quickly prepare a computer with a snapshot of a computer system containing all of the essential software and general network configurations. Restoring an image is the fastest way to get a new hire up and running, and preferred by many SMBs. Image backups can be safely deployed onto many new computers at the same time.

Email server backup: Whether someone deletes critical emails from their Inbox or the entire email server crashes, having an email backup in your backup solution package is essential.

Local backup solution: If your business’s average file size is over 100MB, a cloud-based backup won’t be able to keep up with your business. A local backup, one that is saved on-site on USB hard drives or traditional high capacity tape drives, will keep up with your staff and increase their productivity.

Cloud-based backup solution: A cloud-based backup solution should be a part of your disaster recovery plan. Relying solely on a local backup may leave you with inaccessible data that is crucial for running your business, should disaster strike. With cloud-based solutions, various considerations are needed such as average file size, total amount of backup size, frequency, the ability to restore quickly, and upload bandwidth. We can help you run a cloud-based backup overnight, so your bandwidth and software programs aren’t affected during the day.

Redundancies: Redundant backup drives may seem overzealous, but it is highly recommended to ensure the security and safety of your data. The possibility of a bad backup drive, tape or cloud solution is entirely possible, having redundant backup systems is par excellent.

Random testing: Make sure your backups are working properly when regular testing of random folders. A set it and forget it mentality leaves you vulnerable to data loss. Random testing to see if a certain file or folder is indeed being backed up, is essential.

Restore time: There are many cloud-based solutions on the market, when it comes to deciding which solution is right for you, a key factor is restore time. Cloud-based backup systems have adequate abilities to receive incoming data and store it on an available server. However, many are not prepared to quickly send your backup to you when you need it.

We have more than 20 years experience specializing in data configuration and recovery. We understand how important it is to have unlimited access to your data, so if the unthinkable happens, we don’t want you to miss a beat. Our backup agent will spring into action at the first sign of trouble and restore the data that helps your business thrive.