Remote Help Desk

A dedicated technician who understands your office tech, one phone call away

With PILLAR, it’s personal

We offer a personal touch to everything we do, from the initial audit to the ongoing support. We have a ticketless help desk, so you’ll never be just another case number. We’ve found that developing a professional rapport with our clients helps us provide superior support.

When we know your business, understand your network infrastructure and your preferences we can quickly and effectively provide the support you need from anywhere.

Advantages of having a dedicated support technician for your growing business:

  • Issues are immediately understood and fixed at your convenience, to reduce any disruptions to your business operations
  • Coverage and support for all types networking, PC, MAC, PC/MAC hybrid, mobile devices and software brands
  • Online remote connections, so you can see how your technician fixes your issue
  • Eliminating issue re-occurrence by providing guidance and support while resolving tech issues

Remote connections give you fast and easy support

Our remote support services are Internet-based, so we can assist your business whether you’re across the street, country or pond. For clients beyond our physical reach we make sure to elect a tech champion in your office to act as our liaison. This person helps us manages all of your company’s support requests, prioritizes them, and brings them to our attention. This not only streamlines our shared processes, but enables us to provide fast, efficient and easy support each time you need us.

Five main benefits of PILLAR remote help desk support:

  • 24/7/365 technical support improves your operational efficiency by reducing the time end users spend trying to fix technical issues
  • U.S. based company providing same-day support and resolution
  • Remote support services are less expensive than a full-time staff admin
  • No matter where you travel, we’ll be able to work with your system and fix any issues that may arise as quickly as possible
  • Cost-effective, high value support that quickly accesses your workstation over the internet to provide real-time fixes
  • Fix and issue while someone is out to lunch with remote access

We take the frustration out of your tech

Your network is down. All of your printers are offline. A power surge in your building shut down your entire server room. Do any of these scenarios make you anxious? If they do we encourage you consider PILLAR, a highly trusted tech support solution for small businesses.

When you partner with PILLAR we can eliminate many urgent issues and pain points quickly and easily with a single phone call and remote connection.