NYC Business Server Support

If your file servers aren’t running, neither is your business

Protect the backbone of your business

The server is the heart of your network. When it isn’t working properly your productivity suffers, people can’t access their files, your network security is at risk and your confidential files are vulnerable to attack. When you partner with PILLAR, you’ll have access to a skilled team of certified server specialists who are familiar with your unique set-up and system needs and dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly.

Our key capabilities include:

Data center security: We support a variety of servers including those dedicated to email, databases, phone and camera and understand each of these may contain sensitive data vulnerable to cyber attacks. We take security very seriously and proactively harden your network environment, with patch updates for Windows Servers, against unauthorized access.

Server monitoring: Catch problems before they negatively affect your business with pro-active support to help you avoid preventable server issues or other critical errors. We install monitoring software that runs day and night to alert us when certain, pre-selected thresholds are met and/or surpassed. Read about our managed IT solutions for more information.

Server set-up: Whether you’re working on a new office build-out or reimagining your current set-up, our experienced technicians perform cable drops and crimping, install patch panels and rack spaces, set-up servers and workstations and optimize rack space and server equipment.

Advanced server administration: In addition to basic network administration, our support services include domains, Active Directory, Exchange and backup system development [link to back up page]. So whether your data is in the cloud, on-site or DIY we can provide the support you need, or migrate you to a new solution.

Data backup and recovery: When important files go missing, our skilled technicians can provide data backup and recovery support services whether you store your data in the cloud, on-site or locally on your desktop or laptop. Or, if your current server solution isn’t meeting your business needs, we can easily and painlessly migrate you to a new one.

Capacity planning: It is crucial that your IT resources and infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of your business. Our technicians will expertly evaluate the space, computer hardware, software and connection infrastructure resources your business needs today and will make it scalable so it can fit your needs of tomorrow.

Local and remote backup configuration: Redundancies are a critical component of every successful business. Our technicians will ensure your data is professionally and securely backed up to a local or offsite server.

Server migration: Server migration can be stressful. When your servers need to be replaced, you need someone you can trust to seamlessly move your important, confidential and sensitive files to a new server. Our skilled technicians provide excellent attention to detail, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible, without data issues.

System patches and upgrades: Maintain the integrity of your system with regular updates and upgrades. With PILLAR by your side, your can be sure we will proactively protect your data from security vulnerabilities, bugs while enhancing the usability and performance.

System hardening: Protect confidential and sensitive files by enhancing server security throughout your operating environment. Our expert staff will employ approximately 35 security changes to protect your system and harden your network security.