IT Consulting

Comprehensive tech support and scalable solutions for any budget

Friendly, helpful, expert tech support

Whether you’re just getting started in business or are experiencing rapid growth, PILLAR is ready to provide expert support for all of your tech support needs. We understand it can be difficult to manage the intricacies of your network, databases, or websites while also running a profitable business.

Let us give you the tech support you need, so you can focus on growing your business. If you have questions along the way, we look forward to providing no-nonsense, easy-to-understand answers.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

A collaborative approach for your business IT solutions

When you select PILLAR for your tech needs, here’s what you’ll get:

  • An expert eye: We take our role in your company very seriously. We carefully analyze each business problem and complex tech issue you’re facing and provide a holistic recommendation that will resolve it once and for all.
  • A transparent partner: We want you to be as involved as you choose to be during any tech support, changes, or upgrades. This is your company; we want you to be comfortable with the process each step of the way. Only you know how you want your business to run, so you’re involvement and input is essential to our combined success.
  • A teacher’s heart: It’s okay to ask us anything about the services we’re providing, in fact, we encourage it. Why? When you understand how we’re improving your systems each step of the way, you’ll feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you need.


Scalable solutions to meet your needs of today and tomorrow

We help you build organizational systems that are both scalable and flexible to ensure your IT grows with your business. We do this to eliminate costly upgrades in the future or prevent bottlenecks today. Everything we do today that impacts your business processes must have the flexibility to change in order to meet your long-term goals.

Get the peace of mind and cost savings you need with a scalable IT business solution. When you partner with PILLAR, you won’t need onsite technical support. We’ll handle all of that for you.


Ongoing support services for your business

Once we build or improve your company’s tech systems, we don’t just pack up and disappear. We continue to partner with you in any capacity you’d like. We offer both regular ongoing, or on-demand support services, depending on your desired level of post-solution support.

We are always available to answer questions, or provide clarification as needed because we stand by our services and want you to experience continued satisfaction from us.