Your Customized Audit

How you address a problem is the first part of the solution.

Pillar aligns IT with needs of business. The pillars of office efficiency: File sharing. Email communication. Network infrastructure. Data protection. Software application support.

Patches. Monitoring. RAM. HD. Switches. Upgrade components. So, all for efficiency.

Get a map topography of your office

In medicine a good diagnosis is half the treatment. The same is true for your office information technology. One of the key ways PILLAR differentiates from our competition is we perform a comprehensive audit that includes an analysis of networks, individual computers, servers.

Whether you’re building a new IT infrastructure or  manage one that was built over 10 years and by different people, we search for inefficiencies and we answer some essential questions: What are the problems being solved? How much time do you need? We give you enough info to identify how much time it will take to support you.

Discuss with office manager issues found in the network.

Audit benefits

Avoid chasing your tech tail with holistic and individualistic plans based on thorough information.

  • Legacy issues gone.
  • New support because you have the cause of the problem.
  • Better efficiency future work.
  • Accurate quoting.
  • Identify red flags and eliminate.
  • Serious server network.