The Right Click – Sept/Oct 2023 Edition

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How to Recognize and Avoid Investment Scams

How to Recognize and Avoid Romance Scams

Tips to Recognize and Avoid Fraudulent Phone Scams

Shield Your Business from Deceptive Phishing

Frequently Asked Questions on Security Related Issues

Someone I know is looking for a job and someone emailed him with a job opportunity. How can he tell that this is a legitimate email?

There are a few signs to look out for. They include:
– check the message for grammatical mistakes
– is the message formatted correctly (are there any strange characters or abnormal spacing or is everything in bold text
– check that the sender’s email domain matches the name of the company offering the job, and using LinkedIn search for this person.

I ordered something from Amazon that arrived properly. A few weeks later they called me and asked for my assistance with one of their warehouses. How can I help them?

You don’t. And, Amazon doesn’t call people for any reason. If you receive this scam call, hang up. If you know someone falling into this scam, tell them to stop all communication.

I get a lot of calls from Private or Unknown caller IDs. What should I do?

Unless someone you have recently spoken to, like the police, says they’re going to call you back and it’s going to show up as “Private,” let these calls go to voicemail.

With AI technology, scammers can record your voice saying “Hello? Hello? Is there somebody there?” and then create a clone of your voice. They can then through other schemes and hacking get access to your contacts list and impersonate you to friends and family in order to get money from them.