The Easy Automatic Newsletter for WordPress

This is a now-defunct WordPress plugin, my first actually, that did exactly what it’s name suggested. Specifically, it recycled blog posts into monthly newsletters and sent them out to subscribers. You didn’t need to tell it which blog posts to use. It was indeed easy and it was widely used and downloaded. I could not believe my eyes when our downloads reached 300,000.

Developing apps for my own needs as well as others remains an interest and passion today. I have read that you are not your customer but to be honest, I made that app with myself in mind. That is I was in charge of marketing and didn’t want to have to write additionally for a newsletter when so much of my time and effort went into making a blog post. Why not reuse it since I believe that my audience existed across both channels. I not only was right about that but my need turned out to be the same need of so many more people.

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