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Human Preservation (HumPre): Pioneering AI Solutions for a More Human Digital Experience

Revolutionizing Small Businesses and Content Creators with Private, Scalable Generative AI

[Manhattan, December 27, 2023] – Human Preservation (HumPre), a visionary digital agency under the leadership of Richard D. Lee, announces its groundbreaking service aimed at transforming how small businesses, thought leaders, and content creators interact digitally. Leveraging private GPT technology and advanced multimodal interfaces, HumPre is set to redefine the essence of website interactions.

Founded as a part of PILLAR, the established managed services provider based in Manhattan, HumPre is at the forefront of AI innovation. With over 30 years of experience in humanizing IT support, Richard D. Lee brings his expertise to this latest venture, envisioning a future where websites are more intuitive, responsive, and user-centric.

“Our goal at HumPre is to revolutionize the digital space,” stated Richard D. Lee, founder of HumPre and PILLAR. “We’re leveraging the power of private generative AI to transform data handling efficiency and create a customer service experience that transcends language barriers. Additionally, we envision a paradigm shift in website navigation, moving away from traditional menu systems. Inspired by the intuitive nature of smart speakers, our approach will redefine how users interact with digital platforms, making searching and accessing information as natural and straightforward as speaking to an AI assistant. This shift is akin to how search engines once revolutionized the way we browsed the internet.”

Key Features of HumPre’s Service:

Private, Scalable AI Solutions: Customized AI models for diverse industries, leveraging private data for optimized internal data searching and efficiency.

Multilingual Chatbot Support: A groundbreaking chatbot capable of supporting 90 languages, providing exceptional customer service regardless of the training data’s original language.

Multimodal Integration: Advanced voice-to-text and text-to-AI cloned voice technology, enabling users to interact with websites through natural speech and receive responses in a familiar, representative voice. Further enhancing this experience, HumPre also introduces the ultimate in multimodal interactions—a digital avatar. This avatar, speaking in a cloned voice with lips synchronized, utilizes private data to provide realistic, engaging responses. It features a head that moves and eyes that blink, creating an incredibly lifelike interaction. This cutting-edge feature harnesses the full power of leading cloud computational avatar creation companies, offering Hollywood-grade visuals. This innovation is perfect for progressive brands seeking to make a significant impact in the digital realm, bringing a new level of engagement and personalization to their online presence.

This addition emphasizes the advanced capabilities of HumPre’s services, particularly highlighting the sophisticated and engaging nature of the digital avatars they offer, setting a new standard in digital customer interaction. HumPre’s technology promises to enhance user experience significantly, moving beyond traditional point-and-click navigation. Instead, users can engage with an intelligent avatar, asking questions and receiving prompt, accurate responses, either in text or through a human-like AI voice.

“This is more than just an advancement in technology; it’s about creating a connection,” added Lee. “Our vision is to see websites becoming more interactive, personal, and accessible to all.”

For businesses and content creators looking to elevate their digital presence, HumPre offers a unique opportunity to step into the future of website interaction. With its innovative approach, HumPre is not just changing how we use websites but redefining the relationship between technology and human interaction.

For more information about Human Preservation and its services, visit or contact Richard D. Lee at and 212.255.3970

About Human Preservation (HumPre)

Human Preservation (HumPre), a service provided by PILLAR, is a digital agency specializing in private, scalable generative AI solutions. Led by Richard D. Lee, a veteran in humanizing IT support, HumPre is dedicated to transforming the digital experiences of small businesses, thought leaders, and content creators across various industries.


Name: Richard D. Lee

Title: Chief at Large

Phone: 212-255-3970