Artificial Intelligence – 2023-2024

December 2023 Update

It’s been an amazing several months of learning and applying. My most advanced AI proof of concept is done and it’s time to sell it. My AI service off of PILLAR is called Human Preservation or HumPre for short is available at Artificial Intelligence is in the daily news and is nearly ubiquitous. How fast will things move from here? Scary excitement ahead.

Happy New Year!

This is a compilation of sources that I am consuming to understand AI as a creation tool and how AI can be used for harm. As I continue to speak with people on the topic, I thought it would be appropriate for myself and for those interested, to see what my sources are. This list is continuously growing.

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The thought leaders I like are the ones who have been thinking about AI for years, and who may have had insight on what was being developed for this most recent launch, since their insight was a prediction that is as good as any today. Those people are: Tristan Harris, Elon Musk, and Sam Harris.

If you want to learn about the negative impacts of AI on our society, check out Tristan Harris’ AI Dilemma which I have highlighted with *** and have embedded it below since, IMO, it’s a very important presentation is it presents today’s AI as dovetailing the negative impact social media and their platforms have had on our society, and is still happening.

He calls that period Curation, where the advent of social media platforms allowed for the curation of content. This new AI-driven era he calls Creation, and that’s where AI-powered tools such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, DeepFakes, Eleven Labs allow creators to create like never before. Imagine having the capabilities of Industrial Light & Magic on your laptop without the need for a technical understanding of any aspect of it. Instead, you simply write in plain English, or your local dialect, what you want to be created. Then you take that creation and publish it on the platform of your choice.

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Sam Altman in ABC News
Sam Altman on Lex Friedman podcast
Elon Musk on AI (years ago)
Tristan Harris’ AI Dilemma***
Tristan Harris with Glenn Beck
Tristan Harris on TED
Sam Harris on AI (years ago)
Sam Harris on ChatGPT today
Sam Harris on Lex Fridman on AI (2 yrs ago)
Sam Harris on Lex Fridman on ChatGPT (2 mo ago)
Marketing AI Institute (application of AI in Marketing)
Peter Diamondis and Salim Ismail have co-authored the book Exponential Organizations 2.0 where they break down the framework and key differences to exponential growth and success between Fortune 500 companies and some of the most successful unicorn companies of our time.
NYT: The A.I. Revolution Is Coming. But Not as Fast as Some People Think.
NYT: A Stroke Stole Her Ability to Speak at 30. A.I. Is Helping to Restore It Years Later.
NYT: In Reversal Because of A.I., Office Jobs Are Now More at Risk
Tristan Harris on Joe Rogan, painting a scary potential future of AI should it follow the path of social media

Famous Last Words

Nestled in the videos above are clips that drive home the BIG points when it comes to AI.

In this one, Lexi Fridman, An AI engineer who is also a podcaster states 2 years ago to Sam Harris, the American philosopher, that AI is far from becoming omnipotent and Sam Harris, not an engineer, disagrees using the example of AI Chess:

“the danger is people using AI against each other” – Elon Musk on Joe Rogan – Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence

Sam Altman worries about: OpenAI CEO, CTO on risks and how AI will reshape society (society has a limited time to figure out how to regulate that)

Lex Fridman states that he believes or hopes that the number of smart and kind people is greater than stupid and evil people. And Sam Harris quickly suggests an alternative group of people, which we already know as the Billionaire-tech entrepreneur:

“We are apes with egos” – Sam Harris

“Our wisdom is not scaling with our power” – Sam Harris

What Scares Me the Most: Scams

I have been scammed recently and I witnessed first hand what scammers are relying on: desire.

In addition to founding PILLAR and working on it in various roles and commitment for decades, I have for the last decade worked for other companies since moving to California. My most recent position was at Microsoft until I was laid off at the beginning of 2023. I have recently been looking for jobs and when an email arrived in my inbox for a Project Manager position I had applied for, I was surprised since I only applied to one PM role and had already been in touch with the recruiter for it. In my scam example, there were numerous tell-tale signs that something was off, but since my desire to return to the job market or desire to get interview practice was so great, I disregarded those signs. It didn’t go any further with me revealing more information that they already had but it could have if I hadn’t mentioned it to my business partner, whose 18 year old son had fallen prey to a scam involving a text-only interview, which was planned in my scam as well.

Artificial Intelligence tools that give creation capabilities like never before will be used by scammers to produce scams that can be delivered at scale, en masse. Just as scammers today are blasting the world with scams only needing .001% of victims to pay for a ransom, they will use these new AI tools to reach more people and more effectively than before. We are in trouble. I think the only thing we can do to protect ourselves is to be keenly aware that there is a chance that you are being scammed. With the first example below covered by 60 Minutes, it becomes every more apparent that we need a safe word or phrase between friends and family to prove that any requests from benign to outrageous are being legitimately requested by the person you know..

60 Minutes on voice and phone number spoofing
60 Minutes – Online scams aimed at seniors