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Small Business Technology Trends to Look for in 2020

November 28, 2019 Services 0

Companies evolve every day as new technology and trends shape the market. Organizations of all sizes adopt and adapt new trends to meet their needs. Watch out for these small business tech trends in 2020, and think about how you can implement any or all of these concepts.

Using Big Data

Small businesses, big data — do they go together? In 2020, absolutely. Big data has long been in the realm of large enterprises that generate a lot of useful information. Smaller companies also generate data that contributes to business intelligence and decision making. With accessible analytics programs and a competitive strategy, big data makes a big difference.

While collecting data, it’s important to steward that information wisely, especially when it relates to customer information. This data needs to be secured reliably, with backups and privacy measures in place.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps used to be the domain of only the biggest companies. It’s becoming increasingly easy and increasingly common for small businesses to create mobile apps to support their operations.

If you can develop and market a compelling mobile app, it’s an opportunity to boost loyalty, branding, and reach. It’s important to set out clear goals and metrics for what you want the app to accomplish, however, to make the most of your resources.

On-Demand IT

Small businesses are often flat compared to huge, sprawling corporations with ever-growing organizational structures. However, on-demand IT and the ability to outsource even more managerial roles is at the forefront of tech in 2020, giving small businesses the opportunity to match quality service with flexibility.

On-demand IT support services extend your company with expert tech advice and action, as you need it. It means your small business only pays for what you actually need, without sacrificing IT support. This trend can transform your organization, your budget, and your response time to critical IT issues.

Artificial Intelligence

No longer a technology reserved for companies with huge budgets, AI allows small businesses to extend the skills of human personnel rather than replacing them with tech. Something as simple as a smart chatbot can help your organization extend its engagement with customers, providing information, answering questions, and retaining availability beyond your regular customer service staff.

For complex situations or other areas where a customer would really want to talk to a human, you can still send in your regular staff. It’s a prime example of how AI is accessible and useful for even the smallest company, without displacing existing staff.

More Remote Work

Small businesses are always trying to save money and make the most of resources. Infrastructure and space are some of the highest costs for any business, large or small, which makes remote work very attractive. Expect to see more companies letting go of the traditional 9-5, on-site worker and moving toward remote work, made possible with tech like videoconferencing, VoIP phones, and messaging apps.

If you are considering the remote approach to reduce overhead, remote IT help is beneficial. With this approach, you are still dedicated to quality IT, while ensuring that your employees are supported anywhere they may be.

Launching 5G

In 2020, 5G connectivity is set to roll out, presenting small businesses with plenty of opportunities.   With unprecedented speed, you can expect your devices to be that much quicker and to offer more responsiveness. You should also be able to add more devices to your network without overloading the system.

Remember what we wrote about remote work? Think of the opportunities for business growth when remote devices work remarkably fast!

5G is also key as it supports the Internet of Things, allowing businesses — even small businesses — to leverage advanced technology including robotics, virtual reality, and even more impressive AI. While the average small business is unlikely to jump into all kinds of disruptive technology as soon as 5G is available, it’s good to appreciate that the capability is coming. The tech industry will rise to meet the demands of small businesses.

If you’re excited about these 2020 trends or other emerging tech, we’re pleased to help your organization plan, strategize, and step forward into a great new year.

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