Innovative Web-Based Solutions

In addition to providing superior outsourced  IT support for your business, we are also developing software for our customers. We enjoy the intellectual pursuit of solving business problems with computer software. If you have ever thought “I bet our own app could do this faster,” you’re probably right. If you can write down in a series of steps what a process is, then likely it can be converted into software.

When we aren’t developing applications for our customers, we are developing them for our own needs and for other world problems. Internally, we integrated our online accounting system, FreshBooks, with our website. Our technicians can easily log time spent with a customer and the information is added to a customer’s accounting history. We allow our clients to access their own dashboard to see what work has been done per month, per year or since the beginning of a contract.

We also develop for WordPress and for iOS. Currently, one of our iOS apps, a platform for capturing resources by geolocation has become a university-backed humanities project (Whittier College). Students and professors use the app to locate green spaces like gardens and urban farms in Los Angeles. The project is called Open Gaarden and for more information please visit

If you have an idea for a business application that you believe will take your company to the next level, and want to find a company that will help you develop it, manage it all the way to success, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have an app idea for our business


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